Chitwan National Park Safari ToursĀ 

Once you have experienced the hustle and bustle of the cities, the beauty and architecture of the historic monuments and majesty of the mountains, Chitwan is the entry to the tropical Terai region of Nepal. Chitwan, 145 km (90 miles) away from Kathmandu, is now famous as the Jungle of Nepal. The elephant rides and jungle safaris are one of the best tours in Asia. Blessed by the terrain, climate and its bio-diversity, Chitwan is a detour that you cannot miss in your vacation to Nepal.

Chitwan National Park, the first conservation area of Nepal, is home to many endangered species of plants, animals and birds. While protecting the beautiful treasures of the country, it is slowly attracting the adventure seekers with its jungle safari, canoeing and other attractions. Chitwan is a great blend of nature, diversity and culture, providing the ultimate natural experience.

The best seasons to visit Chitwan are autumn and spring when the climate is mild and the forest is lush green. With 56 species of animals, 49 species of amphibians and more than 500 species of birds, Chitwan really is a dense jungle of wild bio-diversity. Some common sightings include rhesus monkeys, tigers, antelopes, leopards and reptiles like crocodiles, Gharials, and freshwater dolphins. Some of the attractions of Chitwan are as follows:

Jungle Safari in Nepal

These include jeep rides or elephant back rides into the jungles of the national Park. The hotels and resorts are situated deep into the jungle and these safaris provide a chance to witness the wildlife from up-close. The usual sightings include deer and monkeys whereas you can see tigers and rhinos from close proximity if you are lucky. The safari is the best way to get an up-close experience of the jungle, its flora and fauna. You can also visit the elephant breeding centre and watch the elephants bathing in the river.

Bird Watching in Nepal

Due to its biodiversity and about 525 species of birds in the jungles, bird watching is another favorite activity in Chitwan. Woodpecker, florican, waterfowls, parakeets, and Hornbills are among the most frequent sightings around the rivers and lakes. Bird watching can also be included in the safaris as you explore the insides of the forests.

Canoe Rides in Nepal

One of the best ways to beat the heat of the region is canoe ride. The canoe ride is a relaxing way to check out the crocodiles and birds around the rivers and enjoy the peace and serenity of the park.

Cultural Tour in Nepal

Tharu villages of Chitwan are famous for their unique lifestyles and traditions. A guided tour allows you to explore the people, their cultures and way of life. The friendly people welcome you with warm smiles and entertain you with their dances, traditions and feasts. Similarly, a short hike to the mid-hills of the region takes you to Chepang villages, which are another ethnic group with distinct lifestyles.

A trip to Devghat, a famous Hindu pilgrim site is another attraction of the region. There are shrines, temples, ashrams in the area that are considered religiously significant, especially the Balmiki Ashram, where Sita, wife of Lord Ram, spent her days after being exiled.

All these activities are the best ways to experience the serene nature of the region while exploring its beautiful and diverse flora and fauna. The cultural tour allows you to experience a way of life that is completely different from that of the other modern tourist hubs. The trip to the cultural and peaceful sites away from the hustle and bustle of busy lives is a perfect vacation with unforgettable experience.