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Mexico’s ride of the dead mini-doc

The Trans Sierra Norte mountain bike race is a three-day ride across ancient Mexican paths that finishes at the Dia de los Muertos celebrations in Oaxaca City. The riders brave enough to tackle the challenging route on 1,000-year-old trails face a 3,000-foot elevation gain/loss, chilly nights, and stalking panthers in the Mexican jungle. One of these riders, Yefra Ram, gave… Read more →

how to swear in sign language

Learning how to cuss is one of the most formative moments in anyone’s childhood. Thanks to the Youtube channel Cut, you now have the chance to learn new swearwords that your boss will understand through the sheet of glass separating his office (just an idea). Whether it’s telling someone they are an idiot or calling them a bastard, there are… Read more →

8th continent of the world revealed

We all grew up learning about the 7 continents of the world, but a group of scientists are arguing that a mostly-submerged land mass in the South Pacific is, in fact, the 8th. It’s name is Zealandia, and it rests east of Australia just below the surface of the South Pacific. Fortunately, there are plenty of spots where Zealandia breaks… Read more →