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map of the world’s millionaires

Now that Jeff Bezos has taken the title of richest person on Earth, it might be interesting to check out Visual Capitalist‘s map of the world’s rich people. Typical of a millionaire, Jeff Bezos lives in the United States, which hosts the most millionaires in the world (4.3 million of them); however, other nations are catching up. The number of… Read more →

world’s affordable internet access

For having invented the internet, the US is certainly falling behind in keeping it affordable. While the FCC’s decision to reverse federal rules protecting net neutrality could make it much more expensive to access your favorite sites, Americans are already spending more than most of Europe, Asia, and South America just to get online. A map by reveals that… Read more →

map of the most affordable US states

At the end of the holiday season, one question always looms: “how much money that I don’t have did I just spend?” Most of us answer this sometime in January, but the truth is that Americans are big on spending year-round. However, a map from shows that the amount Americans spent in 2017 varies quite a bit state-to-state. Obviously… Read more →

travel risks over the holidays

A record-breaking 100 million Americans will be traveling for the holidays this month. Considering that a vast majority of them will be using their car to begin a long weekend of social anxiety posing as a holiday, a little information about road safety could go a long way. Using numbers provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis… Read more →

US economies compared to countries

While the United States has long carried the title of “Richest Nation in the World”, it sure doesn’t always feel that way. Considering that real wages for the average worker have barely risen since the 1970s, it is hard to jump for joy when an economist rants at you about our GDP. Still, our Gross Domestic Product per capita is… Read more →

Africa before and after colonialism

In 1884, a group of European leaders and diplomats met in Berlin to carve up Africa in service of their imperial interests. While there had been colonies in parts of coastal Africa for centuries, new advances in weapon technology, trains, and a liquid defense against malaria meant that European powers could now invade the interior. Great Britain was entering the… Read more →