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9 survival tips I learned in NYC

“Despite the reputation, I find New Yorkers to be pretty cruisy.” My tilted head and single raised eyebrow silently requested my student to explain his Australian slang. Cruisy? “Yeah, you guys are pretty chill travelers.” It must be because I just taught him yoga, I thought, he’s doing the compassion thing. While the rest of the conversation about our time… Read more →

an agoraphobic traveller has exhibit

Turning your fears into a strength that positively transforms your life is something we all aspire to do. In the case of Jacqui Kenny, the biggest challenge in her life became the fuel for one of the most unique photography exhibits out there. Jacqui Kenny is a New Zealander living in London who suffers from agoraphobia. When Kennedy was in… Read more →

The rise of ‘look at me’ travelers

HELLO. My name is Georg and I am a traveling narcissist. Narcissism is defined as the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes. Regrettably, I stand guilty. I came to realize my affliction as I was sitting watching my twitter and Instagram notifications pour in after a recent series of photo postings. With each notification… Read more →