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Wisit Hierve el Agua in Mexico

HIERVE EL AGUA, Spanish for “the water boils,” is a geological phenomenon in the heart of the Oaxaca state of Mexico. What looks like a waterfall is actually hardened mineral deposits left by water which bubbled out from the rocks, slowly dripped down and calcified over thousands of years. It is one of only two petrified waterfalls in the world,… Read more →

Where to see the 2017 solar eclipse

ON MONDAY, August 21, 2017, North America will be able to witness a solar eclipse. According to NASA, The Moon will cover the Sun for a maximum about two minutes and 40 seconds in the best locations. Although everyone in the US should be able to see the eclipse, only 14 states are on the path of totality, i.e. will… Read more →

Best cantinas in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY is modernizing with third-wave coffee shops, gourmet small plate restaurants, and artisanal boutique shops. The bars have changed too, serving fancy cocktails in stylish, well-manicured spaces. For a more unique and classic experience, skip the fancy cocktails and head over to one of the many cantinas around the city. Here you can grab a beer, play dominos, and… Read more →