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map of the world’s millionaires

Now that Jeff Bezos has taken the title of richest person on Earth, it might be interesting to check out Visual Capitalist‘s map of the world’s rich people. Typical of a millionaire, Jeff Bezos lives in the United States, which hosts the most millionaires in the world (4.3 million of them); however, other nations are catching up. The number of… Read more →

Europe’s top 10 countries with the best work-life balance [INFOGRAPHIC]

Having a good work-life balance is one of those things we start appreciating more and more as we grow up. This will depend a lot on our own decisions and priorities, but it’s also true that in some countries, it is easier to achieve the ideal combination. If you’re living in Europe or considering moving there, you’re in luck —… Read more →

world’s affordable internet access

For having invented the internet, the US is certainly falling behind in keeping it affordable. While the FCC’s decision to reverse federal rules protecting net neutrality could make it much more expensive to access your favorite sites, Americans are already spending more than most of Europe, Asia, and South America just to get online. A map by reveals that… Read more →

the world’s booziest countries

The holiday drinking season can be overwhelming. Drinking with your least favorite relatives is one thing, but why are copious amounts of sugar, caffeine, booze, and/or eggs so crucial to every holiday cocktail? It turns out that not every country in the world is as dedicated to alcohol as those in the West (especially Eastern Europe). Below is an infographic… Read more →

British traditions for the Olympics

In Great Britain, you don’t shot put, you wang Wellies. Or at least that’s what this infographic, put together by, suggests. Below is a list of some downright bizarre (eating stinging nettles?) traditions and games and where you can find them on the island. After a quick look over, we think you will agree: it is time for us… Read more →

US economies compared to countries

While the United States has long carried the title of “Richest Nation in the World”, it sure doesn’t always feel that way. Considering that real wages for the average worker have barely risen since the 1970s, it is hard to jump for joy when an economist rants at you about our GDP. Still, our Gross Domestic Product per capita is… Read more →