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Arizonan snobs

1. We go for mescal over tequila. If we must have tequila, we sip the añejo, or longest-aged variety. Mescal, the smokier, richer alcoholic concoction usually comes with a free worm. Don’t even get us started about margaritas. 2. Arizona’s Mexican food is the correct north-of-the-border version. We each have a favorite hot sauce, salsa, and type of chip. We… Read more →

How to become culturally Arizonan

1. Carry a bottle of water with you. Everywhere. It’s tough to be culturally competent while passed out from heat stroke. 2. Same with sunglasses. Check to make sure you have your wallet/purse, keys, water bottle, and shades before leaving the house. 3. Up your spice threshold. Our version of “mild” food is your rendition of “holy crap that’s hot.”… Read more →

Locals vs. transplans in Arizona

THE STATE OF ARIZONA is lived in by a wildly diverse population. You’ve got the snowbirds, the new transplants, the locals, the real locals — Native Americans –, and the transplants who’ve stayed long enough to be damn near local. Here are ways to tell some of them apart. 1. A local orders a shot of Reposado tequila at a… Read more →