12 things I wish I knew before hiking Mount Fuji

Hiking Mount Fuji should be on any outdoor enthusiast’s to-do list when visiting Japan. Here are some tips for ascending Japan’s highest peak. 1. The day-hike starts from Mount Fuji’s 5th station. To get there, you’ll need to take a bus. Mount Fuji has 9 stations leading up to the peak. The base of the trail starts at the 5th… Read more →

You should visit shithole countries

Perhaps President Trump has a soft spot for smoked salmon. Or maybe it’s the skin complexion of most Norwegians that drew him to claim that our immigration platform should favor more people from “countries like Norway” and less from “shithole countries” like Haiti, El Salvador, and “African nations.” Tough language for a president to use, especially when referring to parts… Read more →

22 solo female travelers give advice

One of the biggest misconceptions about traveling is that it’s not safe for women to travel alone. Since I didn’t want to produce a video of me mansplaining about solo female traveling, I asked the women in my YouTube audience to send in videos of them answering 5 questions about their personal experience of traveling alone. I ended up with… Read more →

map of the world’s millionaires

Now that Jeff Bezos has taken the title of richest person on Earth, it might be interesting to check out Visual Capitalist‘s map of the world’s rich people. Typical of a millionaire, Jeff Bezos lives in the United States, which hosts the most millionaires in the world (4.3 million of them); however, other nations are catching up. The number of… Read more →

Letter from a dead girl

This note was published on Holly Butcher’s Facebook page by her parents after her death last week. Our deepest sympathies go out to Holly’s bereaved family and friends. We are grateful to be able to publish her words here. Learn more how you can donate blood in the US and help others like Holly by visiting the American Red Cross’s… Read more →