Burning Man: Why home?

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Why would anyone want to spend a week in the desert? That’s what many people might think when they first hear about Burning Man. Others will take you their bucket list and place the festival on the top. This is not just any festival, it might even be inaccurate to refer to… Read more →

glacier national park

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Glacier National Park is one of those impressive places that always beat whatever you had imagined. No matter how many photos and videos you see before getting there, or how many stories and descriptions you read about it — reality is always better. From time to time, however, a video manages to… Read more →

Visit Fly Geyser in Nevada

THE FLY GEYSER on Fly Ranch in Nevada is an unusual (and unplanned) collaboration between man and nature. The multi-colored geothermal geyser, which constantly sprays water five feet in the air, building up the landmark by depositing minerals and multi-colored thermophilic algae on the surrounding terraces—is the result of a 1964 drilling project that was never properly capped. The geyser… Read more →

Travel guide to Turkey nature areas

ASK MOST TOURISTS in Turkey where they’re headed, and they’ll likely say a resort somewhere on the Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, or Black Seas. The country has 5,177 miles of coastline, and its beaches are without question some of the finest in the world. But Turkey is also home to mountains, lakes, and geological splendors that rival any setting of sun… Read more →

The best dive bars in Portland

Portland is a city with one foot in modern hipsterdom and the other planted back in a century of small frontier towns battered by rain and, well, more rain, with local taverns often holding the communities together. Even today, most neighborhoods still have a beer-and-a-shot watering hole frequented by folks of every age and type. These dive bars play host… Read more →

The best of Traverse City, Michigan

FROM CRISP FALL afternoons spent biking scenic woodland trails, to celebrations of craft beer, fine cuisine, and top-notch performance arts, the experiences you’ll have in Traverse City are all kinds of amazing. Here are just a few things you’ll understand once you’ve been to the most happening part of Michigan. 1. You don’t have to head east for fall foliage.… Read more →