Rickshaw racing in Indai

RICKSHAW RACES are insane rallies across India using motorized tuk-tuks or rickshaws. Proceeds from the race go to local charities. As filmmaker Mike Dewey recounts, “It would be easy to look at this as just ‘Philly White Kids On A Rickshaw Race Through India.’” But as his team included his brother-in-law, who had never been outside the US, the trip… Read more →

Facts about Hawaii

1. Hawaii was illegally overthrown by the United States. Photo: Ray S What many people don’t know about Hawaii is that it was once ruled by the Hawaiian Monarchy. During Queen Liliuokalani’s reign in 1893, a group of men from Liliuokalani’s cabinet of American, German, and British descent, known as The Committee of Public Safety, executed a military coup to… Read more →

Total Travel Disasters: Outdoorsy Road Trip Rental Edition

Everyone loves looking at beautiful travel photos and hearing about absolute dream trips. But I’ve learned, in my six years of travel blogging, that there’s something most people love even more: hearing about someone else’s absolute, total, complete travel disaster. Perhaps it’s the dark humor, perhaps it’s knowing we aren’t alone in our own personal misadventures […] Read more →

Essential Korean expressions

1. In Korean, you don’t ask for forgiveness… you ask someone to “please see you one time.” (한 번 봐주세요, han beon bwa-chu-se-yo) 2. You don’t just look alike… you look like a fish-shaped pastry called bungeobbang. (붕어빵이다, bung-eo-bbang-i-da) 3. And you don’t have goosebumps… you have chicken skin. (닭살, dak-sal) 4. In Korean, you don’t make up your mind…… Read more →

Traveling while in love

Whether you’re in an exclusive relationship, recently fell head over heels for someone at first sight, or have a long-distance lover thousands of miles away, traveling while in love is often painful, so here’s some advice on how to get through it. 1. Remember why you’re traveling. Before leaving the person you love, it’s important to understand your reason for… Read more →

women in parliaments worldwide

Representative Jeannette Rankin, a Republican from Montana, became the first woman elected to the United States Congress in 1916. Female politicians have broken many barriers in our political system since then, including Hilary Clinton becoming the first woman nominated for president by a major party in 2016. However, the US still lags behind a number of other countries when it… Read more →

Cheap travel in Japan

Japan may not be the most expensive country on the planet, but it’s definitely on the upper end. When compared with its neighbors, it’s not even a contest; public transportation in Japan is roughly three times what it is in South Korea, and accommodations could be five to ten times what comparable rooms cost in Thailand. But while the country… Read more →