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Being a sober traveler

The through-line of my twenties was my passion for travel, and along with it, my ever-increasing passion for booze. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania, holidays and get-togethers with other volunteers were fueled by homemade fruit wine from giant plastic buckets and Kilimanjaro beers. While backpacking through South America, I stopped to work in a party hostel bar for… Read more →

Chasing Banksy in Bristol

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t too fussed with visiting Bristol while planning our United Kingdom trip. Brighton had been my big personal priority, and the rest of our trip was mostly about visiting friends around the country — with one of Ian’s besties living in Bristol, it was pretty much automatically added to our itinerary. (Though […] Read more →

10 next-level facts about Greenville

Greenville is a city of fewer than 70,000 people, and yet you’ll often find it at the top of “best-of” lists. It’s getting frequent recognition for, well, having no shortage of anything — cuisine, arts, green spaces, downtown festivals, you name it. It’s pretty obvious when you explore the area around Main Street and Falls Park on the Reedy that… Read more →

Renting A Car in England: A Comedy of Errors in the Cotswolds

“You’re renting a car in England?!” my British friends asked, looking concerned. “Just take the trains,” they assured me, echoing the warnings of my guidebook, though I remained convinced that I alone knew best when it came to traveling in a foreign country that I have limited experience exploring. Pause for laughter. I actually have pretty […] Read more →

Away from Arizona too long

1. Your autocorrect can’t remember how to spell “Tucson” and instead turns it into “Toucan” every single time. 2. You’re totally reliant on your phone to tell you what direction you’re facing because there’s no sun and the flat horizon is totally uninterrupted by mountains — or really, any kind of topography. 3. You’re the only one pissed off about… Read more →

11 ways to see Nevada’s bizarre side

Nevada hardly gets the recognition it deserves for being the country’s capital of all things odd. It’s home to former nuclear test sites (and a whole tourism industry built around them), dozens of mining ghost towns, the alternate universe that is Burning Man, alleged alien experimentation, and endless expanses of desert that are thoroughly, exceptionally bizarre. There are plenty of… Read more →